Maryanne will be BACK in court

Kym Worthy has appealed AGAIN. Maryanne will be back  court on Friday, June 13, 2014.

Location: Frank Murphy Hall of Justice

Time: 11am

Judge Gregory Bill’s Courtroom


Please plan to attend.


2 thoughts on “Maryanne will be BACK in court

  1. I just don’t understand. How many times can Kym Worthy attack before someone with authority tells her to stand down?

    I can’t believe this activity is in the best interests of Detroit. It looks to me like a case is being built for malicious prosecution. To continue to prosecute a case without foundation again and again strikes me as unethical. It’s one thing to make an innocent mistake and prosecute the case once, but to repeatedly make the same “error” is not innocent. It’s either insanity or immorality.

    Which is it?

  2. Hoping this makes it through before my previous post. I would have to agree! As a psych major, I would have to say it is a combination of both, insanity and immorality. Worthy’s relentless attempts to defend Wenk’s unlawful actions is horrifying and despicable. Wenk’s own actions completely rub against the grain of the Hippocratic Oath, to first do no harm, and against the APA’s own standards of ethical conduct. Wenk herself, who allowed all of the horrific things to happen to Ariana, not only needs to be evaluated, but charged, and held accountable for her own gross negligence, and betrayal of the APA’s and ACA’s guidelines, practices, principles and procedures that she agreed to taking before entering this field of work. She has been nothing but an embarrassment to many other ethical professionals in this field. I don’t understand why she is not in prison! Praying that the judge will see through her and her malicious intents.

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