Maryanne in the News After Kym Worthy Appeals a 5th Time.

Check out the write up on Maryanne’s story by the  The Inquisitr over on their website. Click HERE to view.


One thought on “Maryanne in the News After Kym Worthy Appeals a 5th Time.

  1. Kim Worthy, like most of the attorney’s (because that’s all she is…) in Detroit, are nothing more than street criminals and the Wayne County Friend of the Court and Family Court systems are nothing more than organized crime syndicates.

    I know because they tried to “illegally” take my children from me and give them to my ex-husband and for no reason.

    These people do not obey the law and they are not held accountable for a single thing that they do.

    The law does not exist to them. They make an absolute mockery of it in the most pathetic and shameful way.

    Maryann, I bid you GODSPEED. For I had come up against these same devils in a 2 year tug-of war and the ONLY thing that helped me was the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT, the BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and the SPIRIT OF TRUTH…literally.
    I could not even find an attorney honest enough to represent me against those devils.
    I hit them with the WORD, again, and again and again. I also went online and recruited intercessors and asked for their help, making note of the fact openly, that I was battling LEGION.

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