Maryanne and Ariana Still Need Your Help.

Many Maryanne’s supporters have reached out to us in the last few weeks – asking how they could help and “what next?”

Let me update you on what’s happening with Maryanne and Ariana:
1. Maryanne’s medical bills are mounting very quickly. She’s been back and forth from the hospital to the rehab center a number of times post aneurysm.
2. Maryanne’s lawsuit against the CPS work and the Judge who allowed her signature to be rubber-stamped on the order to remove Ariana is moving forward. After almost 6 years of fighting in the courts – Maryanne’s savings is almost wiped out. Maryanne’s legal woes may be over but their long-term effects have been devastating. The courts have been very slow to move on her pending lawsuit but her lawyers have been working. However, Maryanne’s legal defense money is almost gone. If she’s going to win her lawsuit – the Justice for Maryanne will need to raise a lot more money.
3. Ariana is being cared for by family members. Without her mother’s ability to care for her, she has no income.

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Case Dismissed

As many of you have been following our updates on GOFUNDME and Facebook – you may know of Maryanne’s aneurysm in Mid June. Unfortunately, she has been unresponsive since June 15th. Today, however, the criminal case against Maryanne was finally dismissed. Her family, especially Ariana, thanks you for all of the support, calls, prayers and donations their family has received the last 5 and a half years. It has been a really long journey, which has unfortunately cause irreparable damage to both Maryanne and Ariana. We ask that you continue to share their story, keep praying for them and continue to hold CPS accountable for their misdeeds against our children and families.

Update 8/23/2016

I know everyone has been waiting for an update on Maryanne. She was due in court on June 16th and we have not updated you since right before her court date. To every single one of you – thank you immensely for taking an interest in Maryanne and Ariana’s story. We thank you for your support, your donations, your prayers and most of all – for not letting Maryanne’s voice go unheard.

On the evening of June 15th – Maryanne suffered a massive brain aneurysm. She remains unresponsive and under her doctor’s care. Ariana is in the care of family and adjusting yet again to life without her mother. Despite this very difficult situation, she continues to show strength and resilience. At this time we appreciate your prayers for Maryanne and Ariana. We will continue to keep you abreast of Maryanne’s condition.

Maryanne NEEDS your SUPPORT

Kym Worthy has appealed Maryanne’s case – AGAIN. This is the 5th time that the Prosecutor’s office has appealed Maryanne’s criminal charges. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Every time Kym Worthy enters an appeal – it costs Maryanne money to pay her lawyers to file an answer and appear in court for her. This is harassment! Call Kym Worthy’s office and tell her to STOP pursuing Maryanne Godboldo. The STATE has done enough harm to her and her daughter. It’s time that they were left alone to heal from the abuse they’ve already suffered at the hands of Kym Worthy’s office, the Detroit Police Department and CPS since BEFORE 2011.

Kym Worth’s office: (313) 224 – 5777

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~Justice For Maryanne Action Committee