Kickstarter Campaign

***update 7/18/13***

WE DID IT!!! We have secured the funds to make The Maryanne Godboldo Story happen. Thank you so much for your support. Please continue to check back for updates!

Check out this message from the producers:

WOW, WE DID IT! With your MASSIVE Twitter and Facebook support, millions of people were introduced to the movie “The Maryanne Godboldo Story.”

That attention reinforced our belief that this was a story that MUST be told. But as well, that attention lead to our being able to secure fantastic, like minded film investors who understood the story’s potential. So, we’re excited to share with all of you that we have entered into a funding agreement that EXCEEDS our Kickstarter goal!!

Now, what does this mean for our Kickstarter supporters? Well, what it means is that we’ll need to cancel our Kickstarter campaign THURSDAY 7/18/13 at 8:30pm PST. BUT…we’re also going to do something kinda crazy;) – Since we wouldn’t be here without you, we wanted to make sure that our backers could remain a part of our project. Even though your credit cards will NOT be charged, we’re still going to honor your pledge rewards! That means you’ll still get your shout out on the movie websites, or receive the production notes, or get your signed DVD, or even get your tickets to the premier! So if you still want your reward, here’s what you’ve gotta do:

Email us at with your pledge level and the reward(s) you’d like to retain, because once we cancel Kickstarter, the site does not give us access to your email addresses. We’ll keep you posted over the coming months on our progress, and coordinate getting you your reward(s) at the appropriate time.

This has been an amazing journey with you all, and we can’t thank you enough! “The Maryanne Godboldo Story” will get made, and it’s because of the unbelievable support from all of you.

Our deepest thanks,

Dale & Ion Overman (Producers)



To learn more about our kickstarter campaign ending July 19th – Click here:


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